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So ... you'd like to learn a little more about the girl behind the camera?  Well, I am happy to share my story!  I was born and raised in northwest Ohio, which is where my husband and I are choosing to raise our three children.  I have spent years working as a social worker in the healthcare field.  As much as I love the aspects of social work which allow me to help others,  I was being drawn to do something more with my love of photography.  My friends had always teased me that I rarely went anywhere without my camera.  They knew they could leave theirs home because I was sure to take enough photos for the group.  :)

In early 2015, I had been asked to photograph some events for family and friends ... who then referred me to their family and friends ... and well, you know the rest.  In the spring of 2016, I was blessed to focus more on the creation of a business which not only allowed a individualized experience for my clients, but also a creative outlet for myself.  

While my business is based in Genoa, Ohio, I have clients throughout northern and mid-Ohio and into southern Michigan.  I specialize in natural light portraiture photography of children, families, high school seniors, and weddings. My style is clean, modern, and sophisticated while maintaining a timeless, natural representation of my client.  Every session is customized to suit the spirit and inspiration of my client.  It is truly my goal to provide you with images which capture the essence of YOU and provide you with memories to last a lifetime! 

Looking forward to working with you!